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eSports: About Us

This eSports website covers the early beginnings of the eSports industry and its transition into becoming a mainstream sporting event. We take a look at the most popular eSports games across the globe, the top eSports gamers in the world and a look at some of the trustworthy betting websites that are now offering eSports coverage.

The eSports industry has gained a lot of momentum during the past few years as social media websites and online streaming sites have helped to promote the eSports industry and its players, thereby significantly increasing the number of viewers who follow eSports. As a result, sponsors and advertisers are now pumping significant amounts of cash which have helped the eSports industry to flourish.

This website also focuses on how one can make a good living playing eSports full time, highlighting the pros and cons of becoming an eSports gamer and the steps to follow to turn into an eSports professional gamer.

While there are a number of websites out there that offer eSports betting, it is important for bettors to choose the right website so that they do not get cheated and also have a wide range of eSports games and betting formats to choose from. We list out the key criteria in choosing an eSports betting website and also mention some of the reputed betting websites that offer eSports games.