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Betway was founded in 2006 and provides online gambling through a number of popular brands including Betway Sportsbook, Betway Casino and Betway Vegas.

Although the company has been around for a decade, it is still relatively new compared to some of the other well known gambling companies.

Betway Overview

The company has invested heavily into its advertising and marketing strategies during the last few years which included a tie-up with West Ham United football club. A number of advertisements on TV, billboards and banners in the UK have made Betway a well known brand in the gambling industry.

There are extensive betting options available in the sports section which covers all of the mainstream sports. Users will find sports betting on games such as soccer, rugby, motor racing, extreme sports and many others including eSports. The company keeps constantly upgrading its software to stay upto date with the latest technology and offers bettors an easy to use, hassle free and fast betting experience.

Betway utilizes strict online security measures ensuring that financial transactions carried out on the website are safe from hackers. Users will find that navigation on the website is simple and the interface is easy to use. The website is offered in 15 different languages and targets most of the European countries.  There is a dedicated section to eSports on the website which can be accessed through the eSports link on the top of the main page.

Betway eSports Coverage

Betway offers a wide array of eSports on which bets can be placed. Apart from the popular Dota 2 and League of Legends games, the company also offers betting for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and a few others. There a wide variety of tournaments available for the above games. The top tournaments including The International for Dota 2, MLG World Series and The World Championships for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, World Championships of League of Legends and other prominent tournaments like DreamHack and Intel Extreme Masters are featured on the eSports section of the site.

Betway eSports Betting Formats

Many different types of bets are offered on Betway. The usual bets that can be placed like which team will win a match or tournament. Apart from this, bets can be placed on predicting correct score. Handicap betting in which a handicap is assigned to an outcome and bets which are settled after adjusting the handicap to the outcome can also be placed. Double chance bets can also be placed. In this format, bets are placed on the possibility of two out of three outcomes occurring. The three outcomes are, one team will win or draw, the other team will win or draw or either one of the two teams will win.

Another type of bet is Total which is made on the total number of points earned, or the total number of games played or in case of eSports, the total number of kills made. Proposition bets can also be made which looks at how many games a team will win in a tournament, or which team will make the first kill. There are a few more betting options available on the website.

The company is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission in Great Britain. Outside of Great Britain, the company is licensed with the Malta Gaming Authority.

The Betway website offers bets to be placed in two formats which are decimal and fractional. In the decimal format, the team has a higher probability of winning when the odds are lower whereas in the fractional format, the odds are given in the form of a fraction where the amount you bet is the denominator and the amount you win is the numerator. The fractional format is popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Betway Promotions

Betway allows you to place a free bet of upto 30 pounds and is made available to new customers. Only one bet is allowed per customer and the actual amount of the free bet is equivalent to the amount the customer deposits the first time. To make this bet, the customer first has to make bets totalling this amount. The company also has a loyalty program called Betway Plus, which allows customers to earn points whenever the customer places a bet. The more points earned the more benefits can be availed.

Betway Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing money can be made through a multitude of sources. Money can be deposited using all the major credit and debit card services and wire transfer payments. Other options include Paypal, Click2Pay, Electron, Paysafecard and Skrill. Similarly withdrawing money is also easy and the company allows withdrawal using credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill, ClickandBuy and other modes.

Betway’s customer service is at par if not better than the customer service offered by other betting companies. Customer support agents are available to help and guide bettors 24×7. The easiest way to connect with an agent is through the live chat feature on the website. Phone lines are also available 24×7 and the website has numbers listed for the UK, Ireland, Canada and the Rest of the World. There is also a provision for bettors to connect via email and raise their concerns.

Betway Mobile Apps

With the growth of the mobile betting industry, Betway has given special focus to its mobile apps which can be downloaded in both iOS and Android platforms. The iOS version can be downloaded from the App Store while Android users will be able to get the app directly from the company site. These apps cover the eSports market and make it extremely easy for bettors to make bets on eSports. Betway’s mobile app is easy to use and has a great interface. The live chat feature is also offered within the app. Making deposits is easy as users can top up their account by touching a couple of buttons and be ready to be in a few seconds. The app also has a great search functionality which makes it easy to navigate to the game or tournament one is looking to find.

Betway Responsible Gaming

Privacy and security concerns are taken very seriously and the company has put in place robust systems to protect its customer’s personal and financial information. Betway has a detailed Privacy Policy page in which they inform their users about their data protection, usage and disclosure policies.

The company also realises their responsibility towards providing a safe betting experience and maintaining the highest standards at all times. Betway has a detailed page on their website regarding responsible gaming and takes the matter very seriously. The company conducts a strict identity check to stop underage individuals from gambling.

The company offers facilities to gamblers who are facing problems such as gambling addiction and encourages them to take a break from gambling for upto 6 weeks, or sign themselves into exclusion for a period ranging from 6 months to 5 years. There is also provision for problem gamblers to fix a daily, weekly and monthly deposit limit above which the gamblers will not be allowed to gamble.

Betway: Challenges

Betway has received a few setbacks during the last couple of years, the most noticeable being its association with the Spin Palace Casino. This online casino was blacklisted and in the process Betway’s reputation took a hit, as customers were hesitant to play on the site for some time. There has also been negative feedback from customers who ran into difficulties when trying to access the website through the Safari browser. The company has taken steps to address these issues and continues to be open to receiving feedback from its customers.

Betway: Market Reputation

Betway has made a name for itself in the European market during the last decade. Apart from extensive focus on marketing the brand, the company has invested heavily into staying abreast with the latest technology. The company has also tried to lead from the front by quickly adopting new market trends and that is one of the reasons why so many eSports games are offered on the website. Betway has plans to continue to expand its eSports offerings and the cover more eSports tournaments in the months to come. The bonus and loyalty program is also unique and is a good way to build customer loyalty.