eSports Betting Sites

eSports BettingThere are a number of betting sites which allow wagering on eSports. It is entirely up to a user to decide which betting site they would like to use. Users also have the option of holding accounts in more than one site.

Assigning ranks to these sportsbooks is subjective, with different users assigning differing importance to various functionalities and features offered by these sportsbook.

Here are some of the factors which a user can look at when deciding which sportsbook to open an account with:

eSports Betting Site’s Reputation

It is easy to determine a company’s reputation these days. Just go online and type in the company’s name on Google and look for reviews. User reviews are available in abundance on all betting sites and give you a good sense about the company and issues that users have faced with the company. There are articles and forums that provide current updates about the issues and concerns that users have faced and serve as a caution for new users. For example, Betway, a major online bookmaker had an association with Spin Place Casino, a casino that has now been blacklisted due to numerous customer issues. This association with a blacklist listed casino has hurt Betway as new customers have been hesitant to sign up with the website.

Social media feeds on Twitter and Facebook is another way through which users can learn about a company’s reputation and services.

Financial Security And Safety

A bettor has to have peace of mind that their money is safe with the sportsbook they choose. Bettors also want an assurance that they can easily withdraw their money, with minimal delay whenever they want and be certain that the bookmaker is fair in its financial transactions. Bettors also want multiple options through which they can conduct their financial transactions with the sportsbook.

Online security when performing financial transactions is also important. Loss or theft of user information including financial and personal information is always a risk and cyber criminals have shown a tendency to target online gambling websites. Online gambling companies invest huge amount of money to upgrade their technology and security features and list out their certified encryption services to ensure that customers are aware their data is protected. Bettors should take the time to read up on a sportsbooks encryption and security features before signing up for a new account.

If there are articles on the internet, threads on forums or chatter on social media highlighting concerns over the sportsbook’s security features or financial integrity, it is better to avoid that particular sportsbook and look for another.

Quality Of eSports Coverage

The number of titles or different games that are offered by a sportsbook is another key factor in selecting a bookmaker. This factor may not be the most important factor because a bettor might be interested to wager on only a few games or just one title. But for those bettors who follow a variety of games, this might turn out to be an important factor. The more number of eSports games a sportbooks offers, the better opportunity it has to capture market share and build a strong database of eSports players.

eSports Betting Format

This eSports betting format is another factor that bettors must consider before signing up with a sportsbook. The eSports betting format also varies upon a bettor’s preference. Some bettor’s might like simple bets, while others might prefer complex bets, even parlays. Some bettors might want to limit themselves to only low limits while others might want to indulge in high stakes betting. The bettor can therefore choose the sportsbook which caters to their needs. To capture a wider market it is better for a company to offer a wide range of bets.

eSportsbook vs. Traditional Sportsbook

eSportsbooks have eSports as its primary, if not only offering whereas traditional sportsbooks have been around for a while and cater to a variety of markets and have only recently started offering eSports.

Traditional sportsbook have a history and brand image associated with them. Some have been around for more than a century. A bettor might feel more secure with using these sportsbooks. These sportsbook also offer higher limits than eSportsbooks.

eSportsbooks on the other hand are much younger but offer a wider offering of eSports gaming titles. These websites will also provide more content and streaming on eSports products than traditional sportsbooks. Both eSportsbooks and traditional sportsbooks have their own advantages and it is upto the user to decide which one to select.

Sportsbooks vs. Lounge Betting

Lounges provide a way to wager in-game content like skins which are won while playing the game. One issue with lounge betting is that it is hard to convert items into actual cash. This might not appeal to all bettors. Another issue with lounge betting is related to the authenticity and fairness in conducting transactions. Traditional sportsbook do not suffer from either of these issues and comes across as more appealing to most bettors. However it is upto the bettor to decide on what they prefer and whether they would like to take on the risks associated with lounge betting.

Opening Bonuses At Sportsbooks

Most sportsbooks offer an attractive sign-up bonus for new customers. These bonuses are mostly geared towards small and medium bettors. The amount offered is generally equivalent to the first deposit amount made by a new customer subject to a maximum amount, mostly under $100. A few aspects to look at to avail these bonuses is the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses and the expiration date on the use of these bonuses.

Another offer given by sportsbooks is a free bet offer, though this might be offered with various restrictions. Users should read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up and try to avail such offers.

Legalised eSports Betting Websites

In some countries like the UK, eSport betting is legal and readily available but is strictly regulated by the gaming commission. Care should be taken to ensure that the site the user is signing up with is licensed by the respective country’s gaming commission.

In many countries, there is ambiguity involved in determining the legality of online eSports and sports betting. Bettors are advised to do a little research on the legality of eSports in their respective country as well as the country in which the eSportsbook is operating to ensure that they conform to local law.

There are a number of countries where online betting and eSports gaming is banned and punishable. Bettors are advised to refrain from signing up at underground websites as they expose themselves to numerous risks including criminal proceedings.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) websites have also started offering eSports gaming and most of these DFS websites operate without a gambling license as DFS operators promote these games as games of skill and not chance. However the DFS industry, especially in the United States has run into hot water during the last six months as a number of states have banned DFS cash games on the basis that it is similar to gambling. Bettors who sign up at DFS websites to play eSports games would be advised to double check their legality before proceeding just to stay on the safe side.

eSports Betting Websites: Conclusion

When one is rating an eSports betting website, they should keep in mind all of the above mentioned factors. There are other factors to consider such as the levels of customer support, mobile friendly websites and ease of navigation. Users also pay a lot of attention to the use of technology adopted by betting websites as it determines a player’s overall experience. Websites who have not implemented the latest technology lag behind in terms of quality and performance when it comes to live betting and video streaming facilities. An eSports betting website that factors in all of these criteria’s will be a good choice for a better to sign-up with and enjoy eSports betting.